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Access to my Patron-only feed!  I'll be sharing paintings tips, failed attempts, sneak peeks of things I'm working on and random musings of a working visual artist. 
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You'll receive work in progress and educational videos on painting as well as other topics relating to becoming a successful artist.  Also includes access to my patron-only feed.
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You’ll get access to my patron-only feed, instructional videos and can join me once a month in a Live Google Hangout!  We can talk about art and business topics such as marketing, social media, anything you need to help you become a professional artist.

I'll pre-schedule the hangouts a week before they happen and vary the day and time so that everyone has a chance to join regardless of your timezone. These will be group hangout sessions, and we'll do our best to keep them to an hour. If we end up having a large number of people who sign up for this level, we may have to break the hangouts into a couple of different events throughout the month.



About Brazen Edwards

Hi everyone, welcome to my Patreon!  I'm a full time professional artist based in Vancouver, Canada and have a deep love for creating abstract work that brings joy to my collectors.  I recently took a leap of faith and am exploring Europe to be inspired by nature, architecture and the history of various cultures on this wonderful continent.  My Patreon is something I will be putting most of my time and effort into so I can share my experiences as well as how I've managed to get this far in my art career over the past decade.

Artist Statement:

My work embraces the spontaneity of watercolour and ink (Sumi-e) and places an emphasis on the beauty of each individual brush stroke. The methodology of that art form is the artist must learn to use ink freely with a controlled but spontaneous hand in order to capture the essence of the subject in their ink paintings. To evoke a sense of poetry in nature, brush painters create beautiful lines and forms with ink, but there is no forgiveness once a stroke is placed on the paper.

By adapting this knowledge to abstracts, I lay in the foundation with brush strokes and embraces the freedom of the flowing colour; contributing to a creative and spontaneous method of painting. With problem solving and managing my work from an intellectual viewpoint, I'm able to create a strong sense of value and composition that creates a gradual evolution of the art work.

Artist Biography:

After raising a set of identical twin boys and pursuing a career in Criminology, I moved to the Okanagan area and felt inspired. I've been fortunate enough to have my artwork collected internationally and highlighted in numerous juried exhibitions, local art shows and galleries. I hope you enjoy seeing behind the scenes of how I create my artwork, I like to think a part of me is in every piece and many of my collectors tell me that their paintings have such wonderful energy. I'm fortunate to love what I do, and am very grateful for the support I've achieved over the years.

In 2015 I opened a 5000sq ft art facility in Kelowna, Canada called Ellis Art Studios to offer other artists a chance to succeed in their creative business where we not only teach workshops, but also have monthly seminars on marketing, branding, social media to help artists develop a strong entrepreneurial skill set.  I'm always open to sharing my experience as I want others to be happy and support themselves with their art so I hope having a Patreon site will help me continue to do that and share my expertise with a larger community of people.
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I have an upcoming residency in Europe that I would like to focus on, as well as create instructional content to share with my community of awesome supporters!  This monthly stipend will help support my studio with expenses, supplies, business taxes and Patreon fees. 
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