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is creating ways for broke musician friends to generate a basic income
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About Ben Brown

Hello and Welcome!

If I could explain real quick... in my life I've made friends with many musicians. And as you know the music industry has drastically changed, for the better I believe. But music school, which I attended with these musicians, wasn't ready to give them the tools needed to succeed in these new conditions.

Along with music in school I also learned sound technology, videography, lighting, live streaming.... all that nerdy tech stuff, which is a bit too much to ask for these musicians to spend the time to learn. Even though, to flourish in the new landscape of the music industry, all of these skills and more are required.

What it comes down to, is that true musicians are struggling to pay for rent, food, school loans, etc. What they need is someone to collaborate with, someone who can help them realize their visions. Help them move past the business aspect, the technological hurdles.

This is where I come in. I want my job to be aiding these musicians in their business plans, online presence, and technological needs. And to help them create a basic income that keeps them from having to worry about meeting their needs and keeps them from wasting their time at jobs they hate. Allowing them to explore their art, to understand the human condition, and share this with the world.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ

For Patrons I'll be creating monthly update videos that get into the weeds with business plans and specifics of what the musician and I accomplished each month. 

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Musician Friends -- Actively Working With:
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At 12 Patrons, I'll feel like this was a good idea and that this project can be a real thing. And I'll double down on my efforts. 
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