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About Brbs

Hey! My name is Brbs.
I'm a fulltime student involved in sport programs and school activities, and I'm currently working on alot of videos while stay on top of everything. I'm paying for apps such as premier pro, After effect, and other adobe products to help my video to be top notch. It's not easy and my channel is definitely not big enough to pay the things I need, so I've (hesitantly) decided to reach out to my fans for support.

I write, edit, and produce gaming-oriented content.
From scripted comedy videos, to meme edits, to montages, to meme edits, (such as this) I love making jokes and making funny things through my favorite games+youtubers. If you'd like to support me in this journey, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Why I cannot get a job.
One of the main reasons is that I am only 14. Needing to be 15 to work and 16 for a real job. I also cannot be staying involved with school and friends,working at a job, and doing youtube as well. it's hard as it is even without school to have videos uploaded weekly. My videos take around 50-60 hours combined with editing,brainstorming ideas,recording/prepping the video. thumbnails and renders. And of-course, there's gonna be irl events as well(i can't just stay in my house all day), so I hope you understand

Why I do youtube + about me. 
I do youtube because It helps me get a break from reality. I've been in and out of youtube for almost 5 years and I've decided to take it seriously once and for all. Unfortunately, due to some irl situations which I cannot control. It doesn't seem like it would be the case for the foreseeable future.I want to make it clear that I do not want ANYONE to feel bad vibes in my community. if you would like to know more you can dm me on my social medias which is down below

Contact info:
Discord: brbs#1212
: @Brbsyt
: [email protected] 

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