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Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page!  My name is Parker and I created this page to paint something original and special for you.  Each month I will randomly select at least one supporter and paint the portrait they want!  It doesn’t have to be you; I’ll paint anyone or anything that you’d like*; that includes your significant other, pets, children, friends, celebrities, characters from movies/anime, that cutie you follow on Instagram, whatever!

See examples of my work and other projects at

A few years ago I started doing portraits for friends, often as a thank-you or to brighten someone’s day. The response I kept hearing was so surprising to me - “Wow, I’ve never been drawn before!” There’s something special about having a portrait done, and I want to share that with as many people as possible.

In addition to the monthly portrait drawing, ALL supporters get access to the following:
  • Supporter-only commissions; a monthly chance to purchase the various types of portraits and paintings I offer (once my first goal is met!)
  • Supporter-only offers, featuring signed, numbered, VERY-limited prints of illustrations, and framed, one-of-a-kind original drawings.

How it works:

  • Each month I use a Random Name Picker to select one or more supporters.
  • If selected, I’ll contact you for what you’d like to have painted. This can be you or basically anyone you’d like, with some restrictions*.
  • In less than a month, I’ll send you the high-resolution digital portrait to you and post it on Breaker Bot social media.
  • If you’ve been a subscriber for 6 or more months, you can expect special treatment.
  • If selected multiple times over the course of several months, you can expect extra special treatment as thanks for your continued support!

Portrait Examples:

Standard Portrait:
Supporters that have their name drawn each month can expect a portrait like this! A single subject with a simple background and few touches to make sure it's special and original.

Standard Portrait Example 2:
Special Portrait:
For a special portrait, I'll show the subject as a character, in the setting of your choosing!  Want to see yourself as an instructor at Hogwarts? Your friend as a Jedi? We’ll work together to make it happen!  Limited to a single subject with minimal background/setting elements.  Special portraits will be available as commissioned work (offered in limited quantities each month, once certain goals are met) and to supporters of 6 months or more!

Special Portrait Example 2:
Extra-Special Portrait:
For an Extra-Special piece, I'll pull out all the stops.  Multiple subjects/characters incorporated into a full scene!  Extra-Special work will be available as commissioned work (offered in limited quantities each month, once certain goals are met), and for long-time supporters that have been chosen for the monthly drawing twice or more!

  1. Let’s keep it PG-13 please. A revealing outfit or tasteful nudity MIGHT be acceptable, but I retain the right to refuse anything I determine as inappropriate.
  2. Kind and respectful requests only!  I will refuse any portrait that I feel is meant to make fun of someone.  I am very much against any kind of bigotry/racism and bullying.
  3. Each portrait is limited to one face/figure per painting. Extra-Special portraits are the exception.
  4. I need decent pictures to work from! It’s tough to paint anything without reference.  I cannot create a quality portrait without quality pictures.
30 of 50 patrons
Monthly supporter-only commission access; Don’t want to wait? Each month I’ll offer one paid commission for each different type of portrait/painting I do (Standard, Special, and Extra-Special!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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