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I have created a comprehensive resource to help anyone who has experienced trauma, abuse, mental health struggles, emotional health struggles, high level stress, grief, loss, broken relationships, financial trauma or lack. This resource provides spiritual care to bring healing to your soul, and equips you with the information and tools you need to create a brighter future.

This campaign is focused on raising money for the support of: 
  • A series of 5 books with the flagship title, "Breaking Inner Barriers." The first book was released Dec 7, 2018 called, "Your First Step". 
  • It also supports the development of a website to provide FREE spiritual care.
  • It supports the creation of an app that will be created as a quick, one touch connection to a chaplain or councillor to get you through your tough times. This app will also be used to help you work through anxiety as you are out and about, in a crowd doing chores.

Where did the inspiration come from to write this book and create a website and app to help people and equip them for “Breaking Inner Barriers?”

Back in 2004 my wife got oral cancer. The word cancer alone struck fear in our life, and the whole ordeal affected our family on many levels - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m happy to say that she survived, but it came at a great loss in many areas in her life and ours.

Fourteen years later, my family was still dealing with the effects of cancer and the pain it caused her. She still deals with the residual side effects of radiation and the residual effects on the soul. It wasn’t until recently we began facing those inner pains, and that's where things got interesting.

During those times, my mother was fighting for her life as she battled COPD. For over 7 years, she slowly suffocated as she tried desperately to get a lung transplant. She died on May 25, 2017. This only added to the pain we were already feeling. Thirty seven days later, my father died from heart failure (broken heart).

It was then I realized my calling to be a chaplain. I completed my first unit and was certified. It was during that first unit of schooling I began the process of the most drastic healing from pain and the traumas of my past. I took my learning to my family and suddenly our family began to transform and heal from the deep traumas and pains of our past.

I have a new purpose in life, to help all those who have experienced spiritual pain and trauma in their life. You can find a part of her story and our struggle with cancer in my book, "Breaking Inner Barriers: Your Fist Step," that was published on December 7, 2018. This is the first of a series of 5 books to be written. The second book is about overcoming financial barriers, set to be released by the end of the summer 2019.

I've written this book to help people with traumas, deep seated mental and emotion and spiritual pain. It's not a typical book. It's not a one and done read it book. This is a personal awareness book that takes you into the deepest part of the pain and helps you to face and heal those dark places. It's an interactive book that you get involved with, and I am there with you as your go through and face your own dark world.

The website and app is an online version of sitting with a trained professional as you work through the traumas and pains of your life. This is a cohesive book that promotes self-awareness and healing. It's not written to be read through and put on the shelf. Think of it as your own personal chaplain or friend or professional confidant at your beckon call when you need someone to be there for you so that you're not alone.

The website and app has additional resources to help you through your deepest pains. On this website, which is in the process of being built, you can find a live professional to chat with. You can find other support material on the website like meditation resources, or coaching for career or goal establishment, audio and video support. There are downloadable resources, and even additional help such as financial coaching and budgeting, because many people suffer from financial traumas as well.

You can sample the website right now at:

I am looking to raise funds to continue writing and marketing the next 4 books in the series. The funds will also be applied to continually update the website. Also, the funds will be used to create and develop the app. Any additional money will be used to provide a stipend for the volunteer chaplains or professional counsellors who will be available online to interact with people.

In time, I would like to make this a paid position for professionals around the world. There is a potential that it could be a place to train and certify future chaplains. Any support that comes to this campaign will keep this resource free to those who are in need of help and can't afford it.

You can sign up for my email list in order to stay connected about what I doing, to be informed on any book release. Please go to the following page to sign up.

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You can also stay connected by going to my facebook page at:


Thank you in advance for your support.
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Are you looking for a monumental cause to support? This campaign is focused on the marketing of the book and the further development of the supporting website and app, both of which are a FREE resource to help people take the first step in breaking inner barriers.
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