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1 dollar per 2 hills
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By pledging at this level, you are agreeing to send me 1 dollar every time I make two new hills (up to whatever monthly limit you set). (I wanted a cheaper option, but Patreon wouldn't let me put in 50 cents, so I'll charge for every two hills rather than 1). As a reward, you get to pick one of those hills every month that you're a member.
  • Pick 1 new hill per month
2 dollars per 2 hills
per creation
At this level, you are committing to pay me 2 dollars every time I add 2 new hills to the database. You will get to pick two of those hills every month.
  • Choose 2 hills per month
5 dollars per 2 hills
per creation
At this level, in addition to getting 2 hills of your choosing every month, once per year, I will also design you a brentacol route to your specifications--you give me distance, start location, terrain, and approximate amount of climbing, and I send you a ride with gps route.
  • Choose 2 hills per month




per creation


This is a secondary page for people who might want to pledge on a per-hill created basis. Brentacol is a site dedicated to making hill gradient maps and other cycling related resources. If you're looking to sponsor on a monthly basis, go here:

If you choose to support the site via this method, I strongly recommend that you put in a monthly cap on how many hills you are willing to pay for. I don't want someone to get surprised if I go on bender and add 50 hills one month...
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