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My only membership level! I will provide all of my content here. I plan to release AT LEAST one printable download each month, and hopefully more. This is a very affordable way to obtain some quality fine artwork, all while helping to support an artist. Thank you for choosing to be a Patron of the Arts! 
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About Brent Borup

Thank you so much for supporting me! I love my job, and I hope to always keep creating. I do admit that sometimes the career I have chosen can seem a bit "unsteady". My income is very much like that of a farmer. I have a "harvest" every Christmas season, when I'm extremely busy. I am grateful for all of your support! When the Christmas season is over, things really slow down (some months almost completely) and I need to live off of my savings until the next Christmas season, when I can build it back up for the next year. With no guaranteed monthly income, I am always a few months away from needing to find a different job. As a result I find that I tend to spend too much time worrying about "selling" and not enough time "creating". A while back I was talking with my wife, saying that in the old days, a wealthy patron of the arts would support an artist, so that they can focus on creating instead of surviving. But things are a bit different now. Enter Patreon. In today's world, you no longer need to be wealthy to be a patron of the arts. I choose to keep this subscription at only $1 a month. I plan to offer much more value in return. I do not want to live off of the charity of others, I wish to make this more than worth it for you! I will work to give you valuable content that you will want. Guaranteed monthly downloads, and sometimes more often. All for a dollar a month! Also, hopefully, by keeping this so inexpensive, I can reach more people, influence more lives, and hopefully I can spread out my own blessings throughout the year, so I can relax, and create. Any support will help me continue to share my talents. Thank you!

Do you wish to contribute more that $1 a month? That's easy, just purchase some artwork from my website!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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