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with this option you will receive always three days in advance any information about my path, any release I make out, anything that happens at all.

you will also be part of my invitation's shortlist for every debut event I make on the path (I might need you to confirm your presence sometimes).

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you love to have it more. never ending more and more. and more still. so you will receive every month more and more (and more) exclusive content from my path and work.

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most of my ambient tracks are made in a live|studio process. I prepare all the elements and a kind of guideline and then play it along for as long as it takes. sometimes it takes only one take. sometimes a few. but either or I usually reedit the content to fit into time and aesthetics goals.

with this option you will gain access to one full track live played organically as it was in first place (properly mixed and mastered of course) every month. only a hundred supporters will have those tracks in a way to keep it for the real passionate ones.

you will also get 50% discount in every release I make now and in the future.



About bresciani

bresciani creates sound contexts mixing digital composition, field recording, ambient and drone music with real instrumentation to stimulate the listener to a new experience of listening to music, more immersive, imaginative, contemplating and reverberating in our deepest references, leading us to different realities and states of consciousness little explored.