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is creating content on evolution, civilization, and intolerance.

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Thank you for seeking me out here. I feel like I’ve been cast into a whirlwind, and that makes it very difficult to know how to bring important material to the public. That said, the chorus of voices asking me to do that, over email and social media, has been completely overwhelming. Thank you.

Because that call has been so clear and nearly universal, I feel compelled, though the dust is far from settled at Evergreen, to move forward on this platform, despite the fact that it’s bound to be a little rough at first. I will be posting videos on YouTube, and writing on Medium.

Here’s what you can expect:

The Evergreen story is the tip of a very large and important iceberg. I am quickly going to move off of the details of Evergreen’s absurd descent into madness, and shift to discussing the larger implications for academic institutions, and the breakdown in discourse across civilization that it mirrors. 

Many are also telling me that you want to hear deep, evolutionary analysis. My wife and I have been hearing from students for 15 years that this material must be brought into public view, because it is transformative. I don’t believe in fate, but I am a huge fan of serendipity. If you want to know why living things, including humans, are structured as they are and behave the way that they do: Stay tuned. The story is a surprising one, and many Evergreen students have found it revolutionizing of their world view.

Here's my TEDx talk on the personal responsibility vortex and you can visit my website here:

Here we go.
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