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Who? I’m Dr. Brian Danielak. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, where I studied how engineering students learn to design computer programs. For 6 years I’ve built free software to research learning: granovaGG for statistical graphics; CodeTimeline for visualizing code history; and Transdown, a plaintext file format for storing transcripts with rich data. I also contribute to several open-source projects including roxygen2 for R and the GitHub Atom package latexer.
What? I want to make exceptional software for qualitative researchers and give it away for free. I’ve already built Transcriptase: a powerful free transcription app. It runs on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and you can download Transcriptase right now! Plus, I’ve got a roadmap for enhancing Transcriptase and creating all new free apps for field notes, data coding, and analysis.
Why? High prices are preventing good research. Lots of researchers—historians, linguists, anthropologists, sociologists, and learning scientists just to name a few—need qualitative research software to do their work. But, that software can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per person per year ( StudioCode ). Meanwhile, industry-standard quantitative software like R and Scientific Python is absolutely free. I think public research gets better when everyone can access the best tools, without barriers. But, right now I can’t afford to build, maintain, and support these free apps. So, I need your help.
How? Become a patron. If you can donate even a dollar a month, that money goes straight to helping me cover my costs so I can make free apps. The more I get in donations, the more time I can devote, the better the apps. With your help, we can build an ecosystem of desktop and mobile apps research apps that are open-source and free forever.
Where your money goes: Right now I can only afford to do work in my spare time. Your money pays for:
  • My time, so I can devote dedicated hours to enhancing Transcriptase and building a suite of free apps for data coding, field notes, and qualitative analysis.
  • My availability to squash bugs and provide tech support for the apps 
  • Programming resources (books, tutorials, etc.) so I can stay on top of the latest technologies and build them into the apps
  • Developer program licenses so we can distribute our apps for free on the Mac App Store and the Windows App Store.

Anything else?
Yes! Becoming a patron comes with its own rewards! Check out the different reward tiers and see which one fits for you.
Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions!
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My hope is to get 20 people who care about having quality, free transcription software to sponsor my efforts. At any level! 
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