Brickroad is creating Let's Plays and Live Streams

$1 /mo
Thanks so much for the support! Each Friday is Patron's Choice night on my Twitch stream, where I play whatever my patrons choose to inflict upon me. Pledging any amount earns you a vote!

$2 /mo
For two bucks you'll get a personalized shout-out at the end of one of my YouTube videos! Keep an eye on the channel, and someday you'll be able to point at one of my lovable failures and say, "Tha...

$5 /mo
If you're in for a fiver, you earn a special role on my Discord server. Patrons at this level are given priority when I stream multiplayer games. This is in addition to all previous rewards.

$10 /mo
For a tenner I will sing any song you can find a karaoke video of on YouTube. It'll be better for both of us if it's a song I know, but I promise to do my level best even if you don't pick Weird Al...

$20 /mo
I'll make you a perler! You can request any sprite that will fit into a small shipping envelope. That's about the size of a Final Fantasy hero, Mega Man boss or Super Mario power-up. You'll also ge...

$30 /mo
This is just like the $20 level, except I'll make you a new perler every month for as long as you like! Cover your whole fridge with robots and pokeymans! You also get all previous rewards. (Sorry,...

$50 /mo
At this level, you've bought yourself your very own Let's Play series! I will play any game you want. as long as I'm able to play and record it. I'll play the game to completion, or until you have ...