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Patreon is my "safe space." It's my online journal, a place where I get to be even more me than the me I put out there online. Behind the safety of a paywall I can tackle topics I don't want to tackle publicly, I can rant, I can wrestle with my spirituality. Consider every subscriber level access to a different level of intimacy. 
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Don't get too excited, this isn't what you think. Upon awakening I have to do a lot of things to stay sane--one of those is a daily reading and now I'm sharing it with you. Start your day off right and get your inspiration from the DAILY C.H.U.B. (Church of the Unmade Bed)! Oh and at this level I'll follow you on your social media!  Yay!
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Your patronage affords you the Daily C.H.U.B. and any and all writing I post here. PLUS: Audio outtakes from my podcast, Walk-Ins Welcome.

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Get the most bang for your buck! You love my writing as much as you love a glimpse into my weird, wild life. At this level you get the daily inspiration, all the writing PLUS old journal entries, behind-the-scenes photos and access to the Lens videos (Patreon's equivalent of Instagram stories).

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I can reconstitute my beloved website and get it back on track to produce greeting cards and t-shirts again. 
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