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About Brief World News


Welcome to our community. We believe that information opens more avenues to communicate with people, break barriers, establish conversations, help us to network and fosters our business relations. Specially if the information shared is unbiased, without agendas or hidden facts, that is why we are #briefnews, just facts and talking points. 

We have two goals:
1) Give our community up-to-date key details on trending world events to keep them informed.
2) Foster conversational topics, share talking points and a means to start conversations based on world events.   

By becoming a patreon you are subscribing to our community and choosing a reward tear that can foster a mutually beneficial relationship within our community. Your patronage will allow us to bring change, accurate information and news to thousands of people around the world. 

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 The Conversation  

We started this project with the goal of sharing with others our morning and evening routines of reviewing the news and breaking them down into talking points to share with customers, co-workers, friends and family. With your support we will continue insite conversation and promote fact based news.  

 Our Commitment 

To publish daily news and meaningful world events in short, impartial and easy to understand bits of information. We will continue strive to:
  1. Give you reliable, and brief details about world events. 
  2. Breaking down the news from the agenda driven mainstream media, take away their bias, and manipulative words and just give you the basics in an impartial statement. 
Ultimately we are building a community where ideas and news are fact based, a community that values communication, discussion and sharing meaningful conversations about pressing world events.

 Your Rewards  

Please check our subscription rewards in detail before subscribing. All our subscribers receive a $2 coupon every month for our online shop at (currently under construction) 
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Kindly note that these are continuous (monthly) subscriptions, for one time donations or promotions please contact us directly.    

 How we will use your money? 

We are honored by your subscription, regardless of the amount of your contribution we are encouraged by your presence here. Our main goal is to provide you with more and better value as we grow. We will use all subscription income to expand and improve the content we provide.  Ideally, our monthly budget is divided as follows:
  1. Software and content licenses (30%)
  2. Researcher and Copywriting work (60%)
  3. Equipment and utilities (10%)
Currently my wife and I do all the work of Research and copywriting as well as absorb all expenses for licenses, utilities and equipment with our full time jobs, this limits our ability to produce more and better quality content for you. With your support we will be able to improve our processes and expand our operation seeking to improve the quality and better serve the community. Your support will enable us to expand and make a difference in the world by promoting conversations and sharing world events. 

 Why Brief News? 

As Marketing and Business professionals my wife and I saw the need for brief and easy to read, impartial information on world events (news) that would help us develop meaningful conversations. We often found ourselves reading over headlines every morning in order to enrich our conversations or interactions with customers, coworkers and superiors. In a more personal way, every time I meet with my father, of example, the easiest way start our conversations was to bring up a current event in the news.
But, when reviewing news headlines we often found them to be manipulative, bias or agenda driven, if one is not careful these would rather hinder personal interactions. Thus we started to research and dissect the news into short, impartial and easy to understand bits of information that we would use to spark conversations, we quickly discovered that there are many like minded individuals, like you, who value this work and enjoy what we do.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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