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A deepest thank you from the bottom of my heart! Even just one dollar a post is a huge help in supporting my dream! As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed and all of my posts for my page! And most of all my undying gratitude!:)
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Every month, I'll have a Patreon-live chat with all of you awesome $3+ patrons, you will receive an early update on what the topic will be for my newest post, plus all previous rewards.
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This one is the most exciting for me, i would love for you to get to know more about me and what I'm all about, of course i will talk about my life a little in my posts but in this i want your questions answered! submit 5 questions you have and i will answer them! Ask me anything from my writing process, to my inspiration and i would love to share all the things. you also have access to all the previous rewards!




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About Brie Stevick

I am a dreamer. A girl who looks at the world with stars in her eyes and hope in her heart. I have so many ideas, and questions, and I'm searching for more of what makes my heart content. This is my story, my challenges, my struggles, my battles, and my victories. I want to relate to those who have a dream in their heart and a story to write. I'm praying my story will inspire and relate to those of you who choose to follow me on this rollercoaster we call life.
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When I hit 200 a post I will share another hidden talent with you! I will write and sing an original song for all of you to hear:)
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