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About Brigid Kaelin

Writer, multi-instrumentalist, connoisseur of whisky and travels, former television producer, constant oversharer, caregiver, mother and professional sidewoman, Brigid Kaelin has had the misfortune of being a bad self-promoter and even worse at asking people for money. But she also believes strongly in the power of the arts to make a positive difference in a person's life -- and that such skills are important to society and valuable.

She first logged into Patreon in October 2013, created a page, and never told anyone about it because of ... well, anxiety, post-partum depression, Imposter Syndrome and the worry that people would think she is a terrible person for asking for money for her art, (which is crazy because she never has any problem paying other artists for their work and time). More than five years later, she's trying to get over that by just going for it. 

She's self-funded every album she's made -- taking out personal loans, teaching thousands of piano lessons, playing corporate gigs, of course playing original music shows and theatre. Even when signed to labels, the labels did not offer actual monetary support (which is a major reason she canceled her contract) and Brigid has always booked her own tours and handled her own publicity. There is no trust fund or patron. But there could be hundreds of micro* patrons out there, just waiting to be like the Medicis (minus the bloodshed).

Brigid does a little bit of everything. Having spent her career trying to answer to journalists and promoters "what is it exactly that you do," she's now got this chance on Patreon to do a little bit of everything. Sometimes she produces and promotes shows, ranging from supper clubs, to house concerts, to old-time variety hours that air on public radio. She's a capable essayist who's been published by actual real publications, in addition to her popular blog, The Red Accordion Diaries.

What would she like to do? Make music. Offer songs. Offer stories. Tell the stories of people who aren't able to do it themselves. Hire great local talent and pay them what they're worth. Lift the community. Make someone's day a little happier with the power of song and story. Travel the world sharing music and bringing back some beautiful travel photography. Keep us all connected. Make the world a little smaller.

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