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You are a good person, and you should feel good. Whether you're doing this for love of the written word, the goodness of your heart, or free floating guilt, thank you. This should keep me in coffee as I read and write.
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At $5 a month I can buy even more coffee, and maybe a slice of pie to fuel me while working. Or I can use that money on subscriptions to short story magazines. A quandary.
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Hi, I'm Brigid! I was born during an ice storm and a full eclipse of the sun, and I've failed spectacularly in living up to those portents. I even have a weird birthmark! And too many teeth! (they were all pulled though) I'm a big fan of reading, and of eagerly thrusting books and short stories in front of other people and  demanding that they read them too.

I started a book and story review blog in large part to bring attention to short stories, novellettes, and novelas. There used to be a thriving short fiction market, but now the focus is on novels. Novels are great, but they aren't short stories, and short stories need more love. I note the publication year in the review's categories to make it easier for readers to figure out what meets the criteria for awards based on year.

So why a Patreon, you might ask. Noodling out some words on the internet is free. Opinions about books are like elbows: almost everyone's got two and they can be pretty sharp and pointy. I'd like to expand my pool of potential reviews to small press/indie publishers, especially those that focus on marginalized writers. A lot of those require a paid subscription. Patreon money would go toward that, and also to finish my lavish dreams of bathing in champagne and throwing caviar at people. That's what caviar's for, right?

Thanks for reading!
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$200 a month will free up a lot of money for subscriptions and for larger pieces of literature. I'm a fast reader and frankly, if I'm doing it as my job, I can easily blow through $200 worth of books a month.
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