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About Creative Compass Collaborative

We are committed to honoring the mind, body and spirit by offering a variety of events and content in creative expression, holistic wellness and personal growth.

“Live and grow in alignment with your authentic self to create a life you love”
“Live empowered with intention and childlike wonder doing what sets your soul on fire”

"Living in Charge is a virtual retreat which provides a healthy escape that can transform your everyday life"

We are real, raw, and open so that you can be if you want too. Life sucks sometimes, we talk about it, and we help you “live in charge” so that you can stay true to yourself and start living with more ease in your life. Experience it all through a dynamic collaboration of community discussion, creative exploration, play and an inner journey to discover your whole self. Learn how to navigate both your feelings and your life experiences while also remembering how to channel that wonder you had as a child.
By Living in Charge you can:
  • See through the tough stuff
  • Uncover the good stuff
  • Create new stuff
  • Learn tips and techniques that empower you to survive and thrive when life throws everything it has at you
  • Find your inner power
It’s all there inside waiting for you!

Two Coaches, two areas of expertise and two uniquely connected programs that helps you recognize opportunities, to make changes, and build the life you want to live, are all in ONE dynamic model.

Lauri teaches how to bring together the mind, body and spirit using the logic of science and the practicals of psychology. This is the foundation needed to bring change faster and more efficiently. 

"Lauri is very spiritually intuitive while also integrating the logic of science and psychology in her teaching and coaching approach. She also grounds most of her strategies and suggestions in personal experience. Lauri has had to push through many hardships as a single mother on a low income. She is openly authentic and is not going to have you do something she hasn’t worked through already and seen results."

Shannon brings her hands on approach to supporting the process of change through experiences in mindfulness, emotional expression and creative fun. This is the magic of finding peace in the process. 

"Shannon is highly intuitive and brings her spirituality and creative talents to her program development and coaching. Her mindful approach comes from her inner work and healing through trauma and profound loss. Shannon also grounds her coaching and creative groups in her personal experience which brings both an inner wisdom and a childlike wonder to her work. She is highly tuned into the importance of being present and honoring all of the precious moments life has to offer."
Together they provide you with a guided tour through the ups and downs of building the life you want and bringing joy forward.

We Provide Support for:
  • Death
  • Overdose
  • Loss
  • Divorce
  • Newly Adulting
  • Midlife non Adulting 😉
  • Feeling stuck
  • Not being happy
  • Dissatisfied with life
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling alone
  • Questioning things in your life
  • Seeking “more”
  • Becoming aware
  • Seeing things differently
  • Needing community ( hint, we all do)
In the works: podcast series

Every time YOU make a self care investment with the Creative Compass Collaborative we donate a portion to the non profit organization Intentional Heart

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When we reach $500 we will donate one "Living in Charge" yearly membership
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