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About British Knight

Hey, I'm the British Knight. I'm a commentator who runs a YouTube channel of the same name. I make commentary videos on anything that interests me, usually regarding politics and social issues within the UK and the wider world. I may also make reply videos to fellow YouTubers, corporate channels and noteworthy mainstream broadcasts. My commentary can extend to anything that peaks my interest within the poltisphere, not necessarily any one or two topics. But I do try and keep a medium to large sized group of central themes, so even if all my videos don't appeal to you, I will at least have semi-regular content for you to enjoy.

If you've found your way here that means you've likely come because you've considered donating. If that is the case then, first of all, THANK YOU! Every little helps and I couldn't be happier that you would dedicate your time and money towards my content. I'm not the sort of person who can offer some kind of major incentive to donate money to me, so the deal is pretty simple. If you donate anything you get access to my discord and early access to my videos. What you donate is down to your own wallet and generosity. 

Thanks again and I'll see you all on my channel.

Yours Sincerely,

British Knight.

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