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  1. You want to ensure you get all music I release
  2. You want access to my ENTIRE back-catalog of music instantly
  3. You value a closer relationship to an artist, want to be behind the scenes and receive everything pre-release
  4.  My music has helped you heal, process, smile, cry or laugh
Then you can pledge here on Patreon to directly support my art, receiving exclusive rewards in exchange.

  • Patreon allows people who value my music to receive regular content by making a pledge.
  • You pledge as little or as much as you like.
  • You are charged per creation.*
  • You can cancel your pledge or change your pledge amount at any time.
Patreon is for those of you who believe that my art deserves support, and who choose to help my career by purchasing my music in THE way that supports me directly. There is no middle man: your pledge goes right to me so I can continue to make music for you to enjoy. Not because you have to, but because you choose to! It's simple and beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take a look to the right to consider the varying reward levels! 
If you prefer to give one-time just to support me, you may do so here at an amount you choose.

*This means that you are charged when I release an album/EP, music video, or single. You are given the option to limit your pledge to one charge per month. 
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Your Name on my next album + Digital Download
per creation

  • Your name will be printed on the physical copy of my next release!
  • You'll get a link to download
    all new music upon release, access to my ENTIRE back-catalog of music, and all future releases pre-release
  • Access to the Patron-only stream!
Handwritten&Signed Lyrics by Snail Mail
per creation
  • Handwritten, signed lyrics from my next physical release are mailed to you upon release! Who doesn't love snail mail?!
  • All of the $1-3 rewards too!!!

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