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About Brittle Star magazine

Brittle Star is a small poetry and short fiction magazine dedicated to publishing new writing. We’ve been running for over 15 years and publish two issues a year. We’re a very tiny team - just two people - a poet, (that’s me, Jacqueline Gabbitas) and a designer, Martin Parker - and we run it around our day jobs. Any money Brittle Star makes from subscriptions and sales goes back into the magazine’s print costs.

We have three brilliant feature writers who write regular columns on poetry, short fiction and reviews of first collections, and they get paid a tiny amount for the work they do (which probably only keeps them in tea and biscuits while they’re writing our articles). Did we mention Martin and I don’t get paid for our time or skills? Up to now, this has been okay, but we want the magazine to be as self-sufficient as possible and your help as patrons can make this happen.

We’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve learned through lots and lots of trial and error that when we give the magazine some proper time and attention beyond the editing and production, the rewards are bountiful! Just one to two dedicated days a week on admin, promotion and outreach boosts sales of the magazine, subscribers and submissions.

A few people suggested looking at Patreon to help us raise funds, so here we are. Patreon is a new way for us to thank our supporters, keep in touch with writers and readers, and be paid for the creative work we do. It’s patronage in the way artists and writers used to be supported but much more collectively. We also want it to be another way of donating and subscribing to the magazine at the same time (with a few perky perks thrown in just for our patrons). If you’re already a subscriber, you might think about becoming a patron to take advantage of the exclusive rewards! 

And here's something slightly bonkers - if only 5% of people who follow us on social media donated $2 (about £1.60) a month we'd be half way to hitting our first goal! (And you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook too, if you don't already!)

When you sign up to become a patron of Brittle Star, you pay a small amount every month. This could be as little as $1 (about 80p) up to what ever you want to give. We’ve included some rewards to inspire you, and some of them will include subscription to the magazine. You can stop and start your donations at any time - there’s no pressure. We’ll love you anyway, for supporting us! And every now and then we’ll throw out some random acts of kindness just because we care.

We’ve set up a few goals (which you can have a look at to the left of this post), but on the whole your money will help us to evolve the magazine and give it a firm foundation to be self sufficient. This will take some time, but will eventually it will include:
  • taking on an admin person
  • paying our feature writers more than just tea money
  • paying me and Martin for one day a week
  • paying for marketing campaigns
  • re-designing our website
  • renting a bit of office space
  • contributing to the launch costs (at the moment we pay for launches out of our own pockets)
  • and there’ll be a few miscellaneous bits ’n’ bobs that a small magazine needs to keep going

We hope you’ll come along and join us in the Brittle Star universe, and as an extra bonus we’re giving the first 50 people who donate at the ‘Something lovely in the post…’ tier a free, randomly selected item from Stonewood Press (this could be a bookmark, a book, a poetry trading card - who knows! And you’ll get it with your first Patreon issue of Brittle Star).

Check out our website at and sign up to our newsletter for updates on issues, launches and our competition.

Thanks so much,

– Martin & Jacqueline at Brittle Star
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With your help, we'll be able to put some serious energy into Brittle Star. At the moment we run it on a voluntary basis (with both of us working other full-time jobs to pay the rent). We know from past experience that with only a little extra time given to the magazine it soars!

If we reach this goal, we'll be able to free up some of our paid job-hours to dedicate to publishing high-quality new writing, and evolving the magazine. And we'd love your input!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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