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About Matt

Hi there, my name is Matthew Hawkins. I'm a graduate software engineer from the UK. I acquired “fluent” Japanese in 18 months while studying Software Engineering full-time at University.

I started learning Japanese around June of 2015 but I knew nothing about language learning at the time and was unsure as to how to go about this mammoth of a task. 

After spending about a month researching the different aspects of the Japanese language, and language learning in general, I stumbled across a blog known as  All Japanese All The Time (or AJATT). Using the philosophies of AJATT I ended up reaching "fluency" in 18 months, without stepping foot in JapanHere's a video of me speaking Japanese. I am by no means perfect, or anywhere close to a native level speaker, but I'm continuing to use AJATT as a base along with everything else I've learned to constantly improve my Japanese to a higher level of fluency while also sharing what I learn with you guys along the way.

Since I started learning I've been tracking my progress and creating content on YouTube and on my website: to help others learn languages faster and in a more enjoyable manner.

I've noticed that a lot of other content on the internet isn't that good at getting people to fluency and I want to change that. I want to create useful blog posts to help people learn languages and use what I know about search engine optimization to spread this content to a wider audience so that more people can actually learn how to learn languages.

My goal is to turn my website into a resource that has everything one needs to go from knowing nothing to knowing everything they need to do to reach “fluency” in the quickest time that is reasonably possible by sharing everything I know so far.

If you want to help me make a difference to the language learning community, and in turn help people to learn languages, then feel free to support me. The more support I get, the more time and effort I can put into exclusive content here on Patreon as well as posts on my blog and videos on my YouTube channel. 

I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have already donated on my website. Your support has allowed me to keep the site up in times of hardship and allows me to create more content.


Together, let's make a difference to the language learning community! :)
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I'll put in even more time into creating useful content and blog posts. I also want to work on a fully fledged guide or course for people learning with AJATT and similar methods. If I reach this goal then I will go about creating this for my patreons.
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