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A sample box of the non-perishable DIY items that I make on my YouTube channel, shipped out monthly.

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Handcrafted Gifts are small quick crochet items that I make on my page shipped when ever a new item is made

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Watch my Traders Joe's tries on YouTube? Wanna try but no TJ's near you? NO PROBLEM!!! Use this pledge as your gateway to the tasty world of Trader Joes snacks. I will personally go shopping for you every month and grab you a bag of the latest goodies I've tried from TJ's so that you can try them too! :) Ill even throw some surprises in there. If you have food allergies let me know. None of this is sponsored, that's just how much I love them. Once you've gotten your goodies lets talk about them!



About Briyana with a Y

Hello my lovely, lovely Trap Queens! and welcome to my Patreon page :). I'm so happy that you came :). Here you will find some of my DIY's, Handcrafted items, and short stories from my YouTube channel. I can't use it all so I would love to share them with you! SUBSCRIBE! :) and you can get any or all of the items I make. I appreciate all the love and love you back soo soooo much more. Thank you for all the support throughout my journey.

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