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You will receive news about my work right here: there will be a steady stream of pictures, videos and written updates documenting the goings-on in my rehearsal space/studio that will only appear on here. You will know about current recordings, the equipment I use, side projects, aswell as obstructing forces and driving ones I encounter in the process of making a song. Plus: unreleased material, snippets, first takes, download code for future releases and the digital version of the book of poems.

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...and printing). All A-pride-of-lines-benefits are yours as well as a physical copy of the book of poems and a physical copy of the special edition pre-release of the new album exclusively made for you.

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About Brknln_

Brknln_ is the space in which I work with sound, images and words. To me the process of creating music is manifold. It is made up of different stages and there's transitional forms that occur in it, precursors of what I consider a finished work. In there near future, here is where you will get an insight into my way of working, snips, intermediaries, pieces of music, writing and visual media. A whole stack of broken lines. My band is called Mt linea, it's internet home is

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In terms of content, I have a clearly defined goal: I want to finish my next album within 24 month from now. As far as earning amounts go, I find it more difficult to define that. I had many reasons for opening this page and one of them was to find financial support. However, this goal I'm aiming at, ultimately, isn't depending on money. I will finish the album - it's kind of my job, it's what I have to do, broke or not. But with your support it will come together quicker and more importantly: With your help it will be a better album and a better process. For the money, for the support and for the knowledge that you are out there breathing live into this by taking notice and taking part. Thank you!
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