Broad Strokes Productions is creating A very BROAD range of videos!

Early Access

$1 /mo
-Access to our Patrons only blog

-Early access to all our videos

-Your name included in the credits

Behind the Scenes Access

$5 /mo
-Download the Patreon App and access Lens for behind the scenes videos!

-Access to the scripts and notes

-All the $1 rewards

Private Discord Chat

$10 /mo
Access to an exclusive Discord chat community where you can discuss daily with the creators and cast ideas, theories, what you ate for lunch, anything you like!

-all previous perks included!

Hang with us Live!

$20 /mo
-We will invite you to a monthly hangout session and Q&A with the creators and some of the cast!
-All of the previous rewards!

Signed Photos

$50 /mo

You will get a signed, personalized headshot or production still from one of our cast members each month! Limited to one headshot per pledge, per month.

-All other perks included!