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About Broken Frontier


Do you agree stories driven by the creators from whose imagination they spawned are the best? Splendid! So do we.

Also, do you think true innovation in the comics industry comes from publishers and creators that have the freedom to take chances and experiment instead of rehashing the same old same old? Great minds think alike. :)

We firmly believe that the comics industry of the future is diverse, inclusive and embraces both established and young voices, no matter where their talents come from.

We’re so convinced of this, and our track record shows: many up-and-coming creators found a home at respected publishing houses because of Broken Frontier’s coverage.

“Broken Frontier was my gateway to a wider audience. The exposure they gave me when I was still self-publishing turned my first publisher on to my work, and that’s made a big difference for my career.” - EdieOP (British Comic Awards-nominated creator of Maleficium from Avery Hill Publishing)

As it stands today, our team of  men and women from across the globe champion creator-owned, independent, small press and altcomics publications like few others do.

Why we’re asking for your help

Broken Frontier is a voluntary after-hours and lunchtime-break activity for everyone involved. It takes a considerable amount of passion and effort to create new content every day with no financial compensation.

Challenging? Yes.

But because we are fully independent and not backed or supported by another company, we have complete editorial freedom to focus on the stories, creators, and publishers that foster innovation in the comics industry.

That’s a great position to be in. But it only goes so far and doesn’t pay any bills.

What your pledges will be used for

With your help, we’ll continue doing what we do best: turning people onto the best independent and creator-owned comics from the most exciting writers and artists out there. Your pledges will also help us to upgrade our tech infrastructure to give you an even better on-site experience.

Oh, and one more thing

If you like our work, please share our Patreon campaign with your friends on social media.

Together, we’ll continue to champion the creators and publishers that are pushing the comics medium in bold, new directions.

Thanks for your support!

"I've been reading BF for more than 10 years. Constantly innovative, smart, and, super, super cool." - Joshua Hale Fialkov (The Bunker, The Life After)

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