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is creating Art, Music, Stories, Photography and poems
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Exclusive content.  This is the first place all new work gets shown. You will get to see/hear read it first.

You get a wallpaper image every month, one of Dex’s or China9’s or even some of Dexuality’s work. 

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As above plus

You get a download of a track from Skin Vehicles

Pdf copy of a story or poem by Dexuality Valentino each month

10% off all prints of artwork

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As above plus:

Download an album from Skin Vehicles

Special personal thank you on music and writing releases

20% off all prints 

About Broken Toy Company

I am an artist, a writer, a musician in two bands, and a photographer.
  • Dex Hannon - Multimedia Artist and Photographer
  • Skin Vehicles - Musician Composer
  • Dexuality Valentino - Writer, Poet and artist
  • Mr D Hannon - Mr 9-5 Monday to Friday
One person with several creative identities. I love to share my passion with people. Patreon is giving me the opportunity to make getting hold of my work easier. 

So what Patreon does is simple, you can sign up for as little as $2 a month and that will give you access to goodies! Each level of membership gives a little more. 
Some of the rewards you can get as a patron are:
  • Free Music to download,
  • Free wallpapers monthly of my art, or photography or Dexuality’s art.
  • Discounts on paintings and prints.
  • Free album downloads
  • Free copies of my stories and poems,
  • Free Copy of my novel when its finished
  • You can even get your name, or a loved ones name to be a character in my stories
  • And of course all Patron’s get special mentions on Books and CD’s
AND every month someone at random will get something amazing through the post.
Dead easy to sign up. You can leave at any time. It’s simple to join, simple to leave.

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