Brooks Holt is creating Mini Golf, Disney, and Travel videos.

BHV Elite

$1 /mo
It is one thing to be a part of the BHV, but supporting my here makes you part of the BHV elite. Not going to lie, you're pretty cool.

BHV Super Elite

$5 /mo
Just like the BHV elite, but super-sized in case you want to be even more awesome. Your name will also be included at the end of my videos, thanking you for your support.

BHV Ultra Elite

$20 /mo
Oh now we're getting serious. The BHV ultra elite will have the chance to have a hole "sponsored" by them in an upcoming mini golf video.

Includes all lower tiered perks

BHV Mega Elite

$50 /mo
I'm beginning to run out of clever and fun descriptions. If you're crazy and amazing enough to support me this much, you will be at the top of the list of Patreon supporters at the end of my dedica...

BHV Super Duper Craziness Elite

$100 /mo
Ok now we're just getting ridiculous. If you are willing to support in this way, you will get an entire video dedicated to you thanking you personally for sponsoring the video.

Includes all lowe...