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  • Giving even 1 dollar per month means so much as it's a huge step from nothing, and I will be forever grateful that you feel my content is worth going that extra mile for. Thank you!

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  • As soon as lap time and top speed testing has been done for a new vehicle added to GTA Online, before I even start making the videos, I'll post the results to Patreon so you'll get the info before everyone else!
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  • Throughout 2021 I'll be posting new complete lap time and top speed ranking videos for a number of classes and categories (drivetrains, car makers, etc). You'll know the complete results for those videos up to a week in advance of each video going up in easy to read text form, via a post here on Patreon that only you will be able to see.
  • Plus everything included in the $2 & $1 rewards.



About Adam Brough

Making videos on YouTube is a tricky business. Often the most watched gaming videos contain the bare minimum amount of information or effort because the most important thing to YouTube is ad revenue. YouTube's algorithm promotes 10-15 minute videos with lots of ads or creators who post a lot of short videos with ads since it means more money for them. This is all regardless of actual video quality.

But those aren't the type of videos I want to make. I'd much rather upload videos that go in-depth on a subject and really explain it (with no intrusive ads in the middle), then answer questions/respond to comments, than the alternatives above. I'd also prefer to spend a lot of time behind the scenes crafting a well made video/series that will stand the test of time, as opposed to treating my videos as throwaway content. YouTube doesn't like that since to them quantity > quality, but hopefully if you're reading this you like what I do enough to consider supporting me directly yourself.

Donating to me here every month, no matter how big or small the contribution, will mean you actively contribute to my entire video making process and allow the more in-depth videos I want to make to even be possible. You will be making Patreon a consistent and reliable source of income which will allow me to rely less on YouTube ad revenue alone to buy the basic necessities required to live. You'll be continually aiding my efforts to improve myself and my videos and I will be eternally grateful for that. Don't underestimate the power of even a single dollar donation each month - it all adds up!


The cost of the rewards have been set as they are to ensure I'm not inundated with too many requests and to reflect the amount of time each reward will take me. I'd love to do all of the above for everyone for free, but the amount of time I have just doesn't allow it. The free content I post to YouTube will continue to be my main focus and by donating here you're supporting the creation of that content before anything else.

If anything the rewards here should be seen as an extra bonus for support you would have given anyway because you think my content is worth it, and of course you don't have to claim a reward each month either. A link will be included in the post on Patreon at the start of each month to submit reward requests and if you choose not to claim anything that month that's fine. You are also welcome to double up on rewards (for example claiming the $10 reward twice if you donate $20 per month). However you cannot accumulate rewards for a few months and claim them in one go. Donations and rewards are a month to month thing. Otherwise I run the risk of being inundated with an impossible amount of requests in a single month.

Finally, thank you so much for even reading this far and thanks again for the support - whether it's $1, $10, or just commenting/liking/sharing my videos, I really do appreciate all of it.
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