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About Robert Moran

hey i'm rawb~
For over a decade I made internet movies accidently also made internet communities! My focus was always on my artwork making dumb games and memes because I believed the best way to make art wasn't to focus on others, but to ignore them and just make what I wanted to make! In 2019, I had a mental breakdown where I realized I had become a selfish artist and even though I wanted to see myself as a role model, the fact I put my work before my partner Megan and my own mental meant that I wasn't and could never be a role model.

Why in society would we ever celebrate the artwork of someone not a role model? Why would we praise someone for their art and celebrate them with power, time, money if they aren't a role model for the younger generations? Why would we ever put Content over People? 

I put content over people for 12 years and audiences cheered as I did it. I lived a very lonely lifestyle where my work and home were 1 office and all I did was make internet memes and absorb the random toxicity young internet users can lash out. I refuse to do that anymore and so I no longer make art for me, I make it purely for other people.

The cool thing about no longer making my art is that now any fan of mine can work with me and relive their nostalgia with the artist. I focus all my skills and speed on empowering my community because by extentionsion they often use all these powers to remix artwork that our whole community can enjoy. 

The content you see now via streams and youtube videos is a byproduct of the collective communities I am building. If my work inspires and motivates you or you want to support my growth to give me more power to build a bigger community then please consider supporting my patreon! 

If you are unable to pledge and you would like to join our discord all you need to do is follow the numbers!

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