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About Brush&Bow Collective

Welcome to our Patreon page!

Who are we:
Brush&Bow is a collective of creative journalists, working with marginalised communities to challenge negative stereotypes and prejudice by using art and music to explore individual stories within current social issues.

Our collective consists of artists, writers, journalist, musicians, illustrators and more , working at the intersection of journalism, community engagement and art. We produce multimedia forms of slow-paced and in-depth journalism, often emerging from longer term projects with marginalised communities.

Our work:
As a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) registered in the UK, we collaborate with international media, activist groups, NGO’s and research institutions. However much of our work is done on a voluntary basis ( you know, art and journalism are two notoriously challenging areas to make a living!) We strongly believe in the role of art and culture in supporting social change, as well as in the present need for a slower, people-focused, publicly available information.

At a time of fake news and fast-paced media, our journalistic method aims to provide spaces to explore issues collaboratively through musical, audio, visual and written dissemination. Our approach to journalism incorporates the arts as a central part of the process, producing creative journalistic formats to help further understandings of complex socio/political issues, aiming to reveal the contrasting and often invisible stories behind the headlines.

Our plans:
As a young collective of dedicated creative journalists, we want to grow!
Our aim is to develop connections to other similar groups around the world, furthering collaborations with citizen journalists and communities who otherwise have a hard time accessing the press to report about their causes. 

As such, we would love your support in helping us make sure our members on the ground are provided with practical and legal support, that we can financially mentor emerging citizen journalists from marginalised communities, and that our bills can get paid as we continue to grow.

Many of our projects are based in spending long periods working with communities, offering art and music workshops to create spaces of collaboration from which story telling methods emerge. For this we need music and art materials. Any financial support in providing long term meaningful journalism methods with communities would be incredibly helpful.

We are a collective of artists and journalists and we can only go bigger as we widen our collective, creating a network of patrons supporting our work!

It would mean the world if you feel moved to join us in this.

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