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Coffee so I'd just hold on a bit longer
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Artist shouln't be hungry.
Художник не должен быть голодным

With this you can get everything I create by far and also
  • I promote your name with incorporated link to your social network account in public posts in "Thank you" section.
For brushes and paints.
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If you wish to give a bit more of support so I would create: 
  • 360° scenes    
  • Special Photoshop  sets of brushes and shapes
  • New paintings  with layered psd files
  • Video of traditional sketching
♥   My huge,  immense gratitude! 
Если вы готовы поддержать меня чуть сильнее чтобы я делал:
  • 360° панорамные сцены с рассказами 
  • Специальные кисти и формы для Фотошопа
  • Новым рисунки с послойными исходниками
  • Видео традиционных скетчей карандашом и ручкой

 ♥   Моя огромная благодарность! 




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Hi creative souls!
Thank you for stopping by. My name is Dima I love visual art and I wish to share it with you. 
My Patreon chases two main goals which I talk below about. But before here is what interesting I can offer. 

In return for my Patreon support you will have an access to everything I produce by far:
  • All previouse posts   
  • Engagement in the creative process 
  • Hi-res images 
  • Layered psd files. 
  • Special brushes and shapes for Photoshop 
  • Videos of traditional sketching 
  • WIPs, Sketches and Stages Gifs
And by that you also help to produce more content and on the regular basis. 
All posts are my personal projects, I do everything by myself, drawing, writing, voice etc. I know that there is a plenty space for improvement, so I appreciate any support. The help will be used to improve the quality of the content.

How it works?
Click the "Become a patron" button, then choose my only tier, enter the sum (1$ or more)  and fill your payment info. Confirm and now you're a patron! You'll get access to all my exclusive posts instantly.
For any question or if you have any problem, you can contact me via patreon message. 

And about my goals...
Once you discovered something special in your life, something which brings meaning and guides you even at darkest times of life, you won't be lost.
For me it was art.
And now I feel even happier because I have a chance to strike two big targets at once. 
  • The first is that besides myself I can now entertain, inspire and amuse you with art I do.
    I also hope that content I do will help you to experiment and work with digital art better.
  • The second (and very important to me) is that with your support I have a chance to focus more on the art and devote less time to struggle for living. Eventually my supreme goal is to switch from digital to traditional oil painting. By far to me it seemed  impossible, but now I have some hope. 
As a part of my art journey I always in search of what to paint, so I'm thankful and open to suggestions.

As to my works I love digital painting, impressionist style and free brush strokes. However I still work on accuracy and distinct accents in my pictures. Those art works may become nice decorations for interior. Besides that I draw line art, it's all sort of hard surface things such as devices or constructions or machinery. They can be used as a print on all kinds of surface.

Well friends I hope this overview helps to understand where your support will go and what I can do for you.

Stay warm and have fun!
1 of 10 patrons
To Increase my community because I really want to improve the content. 

Если у меня будет больше патронов, я смогу улучшать качество и количество контента. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
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