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About Brute and Brawn

Welcome to my Patreon! Thanks for stopping by!

  I'm Daniel and I draw adult art and comics. Mostly I draw big, muscled, thick, and hairy bearded guys, human and furry varieties. You might describe it by the term Bara. Examples of my work can be found HERE

 On this page I'm creating two illustrations per month and three new comic pages. The current ongoing comic projects are, Agnar and Brogan, about two of my characters Agnar, a Nord, and Brogan, an Orc, set in an alternate Elder Scrolls universe. The second comic is, Fall River Valley, shorter stories featuring my furry characters. Patrons will occasionally be able to vote to help decide on future content. There is no set time table for posting but illustrations and comics will generally be posted once a month.

   All rewards are exclusive to Patreon generally for six months or more. The tier 2 and 3 rewards are exclusive to Patreon. Sketches and work in progress are not Patreon exclusive but are higher resolution versions. Old rewards will be available for purchase on my GUMROAD page.  

 (Please Read!) This Patreon is set on charge-up-front, which means you will be charged immediately when you pledge and you will be billed at the first of each month after that. Patreon's billing cycle begins on the 1st of each month, so, if you are new to Patreon I suggest pledging near the beginning of a month to avoid having two charges close together.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my Patreon page!

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