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About Bryan and Tyler

Hey, it's Bryan & Tyler. We make podcasts for you in hopes of making your week just a little bit better. No topic is too trivial. No stance too shallow. No dive too deep. No fad too foolish. 

We started The Hosel Jockeys Golf Podcast in 2016, because we love golf. We're over 150 episodes in, you can listen here.

In January 2018 we launched The LifeStocks Podcast to talk about everything but golf and it's a blast. We've got over 50 episodes you can find here.

If you enjoy our pods, become a VIP and support us at $5/month to help us keep this podcast going. As a thank you, we won't murder you and we'll also put out exclusive bonus episodes just for you.

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Bryan Allain and Tyler Stanton

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If we get to 40 VIP friends of the show, Bryan will fly to Atlanta to record a live celebration episode of LifeStocks with Tyler and we'll feature phone calls, questions, and comments from you!
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