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$1 /mo
You are now a Bry-Fyter! Your name gets added to the "Thank You Page" over at

Bry-Fyter II

$3 /mo
Bry-Fyter II: Your name gets added to the "Thank You Page" at and you will also receive a monthly "Bonus Podcast" that gives you a behind the scenes listen to what goes int...

Super Bry-Fyter II

$5 /mo
All the previous rewards from the $3 and $1 tiers. PLUS you can suggest a topic to discuss on a podcast episode!

Super Bry-Fyter II: Turbo

$10 /mo
Sponsor Level!!! All previous rewards mentioned from the $5, $3, and $1 tiers!  Also this tier allows you to have an ad for yourself (or thing you do) on every episode for the month!