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Every little bit helps out. By being a part of the one dollar tier you will be on the bsg supporters page so everyone knows you are helping keep the blog and main site up and running. I will add your name to the patreon supporters list on the live streams as well.

Access to posts and extra content for your tier on the easy to use BSG Patreon portal at
On top of that you will get access to all .zip archives of guides which are offered on BSG. This will include bk3, STW in the future, and potentially more things down the road.

You will get access to all BSG live stream archives. Only the 5 most recent will be downloadable on BSG.

 You will also get all live stream archives and potential BSG podcasts two days before everyone else gets them when they go live on BSG.
When possible you will also get early access to blog posts via the private BSG Patreon skype group.

The first 5 people who signed up for any tier including this one got added as a page sponsor.

BSG Extra Supporter

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Being a part of the $2.50 tier will give you the benefits of the $1 tier as well as the below perks.
I will link your website and or twitter under your name on the bsg supporters page.
Access to posts and extra content for your tier on the easy to use BSG Patreon portal at
On top of that when we live stream crazy party or other games on private servers you will get the password for the games ahead of time so you can join. This will also apply to other games we play in the future whether that be Swamp missions, or a game not yet released.

You can create game lists, maps, or anything else similar and I will play them on a live stream. For example you can create a mini game list on Crazy Party and it will be one of the lists i have to use on the live stream. There are limitations, I won't play a list that just has the games repeated, it has to be a real game list.

On card game streams you will get first dibs at joining the tables for the streams before it is opened up for anyone else to join.

BSG Super Supporter

per month
Being part of the $5 tier will give you the benefits of the $1 and $2.50 tier as well as the below.
you will be able to force me to live stream a game of your choosing for two hours  once every three months. This could be a game I completely hate. It is up to you. The only exception is games known to be unsecure or unsafe to play.
The minimum time is 2 hours, but it may be more than that, it depends a lot on the game and if I am enjoying or hating it.

At the beginning of your requested live stream and its archive, I will say the stream is brought to everyone by you. We will work out if you would like it to be you personally, your website, or anything else. I honestly mean could get really creative here. There is a very short list of things the streams couldn't be sponsored by, use your imagination.

In addition to the above, whenever there is a BSG competition which is based on a drawing you will get 1 extra entry into the drawing to give you a slightly increased chance of winning.

Access to posts and extra content for your tier on the easy to use BSG Patreon portal at



About Black Screen Gaming

Howdy there and welcome to the BSG Patreon page!

Expect the unexpected, audio and accessible games are what we cover, but not what we are limited to.

The main point of this is to offset server costs and to make sure BSG can stay around for the long haul. If you have ideas for different rewards just let us know.
100% complete

$25 Goal: Completely Pay For Server Costs

If we can hit $25 in patreon support the server will be completely paid for. This will allow for regular contests and giveaways. Thanks to everyone who is helping by supporting BSG already. Not paying for the server out of pocket would make a huge difference.
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