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For the past year, I have been writing about incarceration and criminal justice at my website,

Some of my most important stories have been about lawsuits, like the one in New York City involving a doctor from a private prison healthcare company who allegedly told an inmate to throw his detached finger away.

Or the suit brought by a nurse who said she faced repeated sexual harassment from guards at a Corrections Corporation of America private prison in Idaho.

Or the one about a doctor who stands accused of raping scores of inmates after being quietly shuttled from private prison to private prison in New Mexico.

I find these lawsuits using the federal database known as PACER. In some cases -- like the story about the finger, or in a recent one about the NYC Department of Corrections allegedly stonewalling juvenile abuse records requests from a federal disabilities watchdog -- I'm the first to write about them.

PACER is invaluable to my reporting, but it charges a small fee per search and for every page of documents that you retrieve. And it adds up very quickly. In the last month, I've run up over $100 in charges. I know there are a lot more lawsuits in there I want to read and cover, but I have to take a break for fear of not being able to pay my bill.

Your donation will cover my PACER bill and help me continue to break these important stories taking place behind bars.
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