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This shows that you want me to continue building in the realm and stream more on mixer. I welcome you to the community of Expeditions🛡 This money will be used to support the original and copy of the realm. Also it will help me upgrade my software to have better quality in my streams for you guys! You will have access to a private chat on discord with the patreon community 😃👍

Spreading The Love (Knight)
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  • You are telling me you love my streams and my realm 😊 You will now have access to a private chat in discord and the copy of the realm.  Feel free to build with friends and create your own style in the realm 😃👍 
The Love Is Real (Arch Bishop)
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  • This tells me you are REALLY looking forward in my next streams and buildings.  You will now have access to a private discord chat the copy of the realm.That is not all..you will now be able to have a patreon kit in the realm of Expeditions RP server😃




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About Expeditions

Hello welcome, if you are here that means you are interested in joining the patreon community. Also if you are here that means you have seen my streams on mixer or from a friend 👍. If you become a patreon you will have full access to a copy of the Realm Of Expeditions! However, that is not all as the original realm continues to grow it will eventually become a RP server 😃. If you continue to donate you will have the rank V.I.P which includes special kits and new specie abilities. Enjoy😊
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The patreon kingdom has just been built. The king needs it’s loyal friends to join 😃. My goal is to get 5 patreons to join the community
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