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About Coding and Marketing

Hello Everyone.

This is Selcuk GOKTAS.

I was born in Ankara where is the capital of Turkey. I left master from computer engineering but finished organization and management. At the end of my career, I combine these two disciplines. Both marketing and coding lessons will be published on udemy, teachable and my website 

My lessons will cover:
1- Code writing (Python, Java, C, CSS, HTML, SQL, ......etc.)
2- System administration (Linux distributions and Windows)
3- Office programs (Word,Excel with macro, Powerpoint etc)
4- Selling on Amazon as FBA, FBM
5- Dropshipping with Shopify, Wordpress-Woocommerce etc.
6- Selling on Ebay etc.
7- Digital Marketing.
8- SEO
9- ETC, ETC,ETC....

Patrons Beneficial: 
1- Access articles on web site. (
2- Can get udemy discounts on the spesific course which is published by me.
3- Can reach teacable platform (backup of udemy lessons)
4- Contact with me via telegram for fast response of your problem.
5- Help face to face by using suitable programs such as Teamviewer/Zoom meeting app. 

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