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To get this perk, email me at [email protected] with a photo I can work from and your choice of time period and culture. See our Supporters page at deadideas.net or historyofsexpod.com for ideas. Delivered as digital image. Allow several months for completion.

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About B. T. Newberg

Thanks for dropping by my Patreon page! Your contribution supports all my creative endeavors.

As a patron, you'll get all my podcasts ad-free on the patrons-only feed "B. T. Newberg Presents", plus a whole lot more.

I have two history podcasts:

The History of Sex
Did you know the Nazis encouraged girls to bear a child out of wedlock for the Fatherland? Or that the Byzantines saw eunuchs as a third gender? Or that the Romans had no concept of orientation, only a vague sense of preference for one sex or the other? This show will delve into gender, sex, and quirk* across world history, spanning the gamut from Egyptian fertility spells to Mongol masculinity.

*quirk covers anything a culture finds eccentric, taboo, or boundary-crossing!

Dead Ideas
This podcast explores ideas and practices gone extinct. Each dead idea is explored in all its glorious eccentricity. Our back-catalog boasts more than 100 episodes, covering everything from Viking berserkers to Roman steam technology and Japanese self-mummified monks. Find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast apps, or visit us at our website at www.deadideas.net.

As of February 2019, Dead Ideas has throttled back to an irregular schedule of occasional releases in order to make time for The History of Sex.

Thanks for your support!
25 - reached! patrons
These are passion projects, but they are not without cost. Books, web-hosting, equipment, and software all take their toll. Anything you toss my way will help make the shows the best they can be!
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