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About Bubba On The Road

We are traveling the country in an RV with our three cats, posting on our blog at www.bubbaontheroad.com and making videos about our travels, dealing with problems as they arise, and especially how to live in a small space with two adults and three cats. 

We came to Patreon to make our journey public so others can read and view along the ride with us. Things have not always gone well, but we do our best to make each situation beneficial. We've dealt with sick cats, bad weather, screaming raccoons, a dead transmission, no hot water, leaks and missing parts, and through it all, we've kept our followers updated with all that happens and with tips and suggestions for those who want to live this lifestyle. 

With your support, our journey becomes easier. We make enough to survive, but currently we are working on a Smart Home on Wheels project that will guide readers through the process to make their own RV a mobile workstation and entertainment center. We are doing this almost entirely through donations and sponsorship from companies in exchange for reviews and exposure. Some of the parts cannot be done this way though (for some reason, no company thinks their cat5 ethernet cable needs a review), but for most of it, we are reviewing, installing, and setting everything up to make it work together.

The long term goal is to consolidate all this information into one book or website that users can go through to set up the systems themselves. We know that not everyone wants to dig into code and assemble electronics, and sometimes, that is necessary with this technology. Above all, we want to make this reliable and affordable. 

The second part of the plan is to see if we can do the installs for others. It would be more profitable in the long run, but more expensive in the short run as we need to break everything down and make sure we have it down to an exact science that can be replicated over and over. And I have to figure out a way to do remote maintenance on it incase anything happens to the system in the future that can be fixed by tweaking the code or updating the software. 

We thank you for your support. We are going to proceed with this project with any assistance we can get. Any help you can give will be used to keep the project going and getting the site working. I plan to make part of the site locked down behind login/password so I can update that with new information and keep everyone up to date on how to make their system the best it can be.
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$500 a month opens a lot of doors for us. As we expand the Smart Home on Wheels project, we will add new technology as it is released and keep building and improving, all the while updating the ebook for our readers.
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