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You get blog updates on all my shows and classes.  You get formal recognition on my website and at live shows.  This is my favorite chess piece.

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The most valuable piece on the board besides the king.   I will you give you recognition when I do live shows and a thank you on my website.

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Stuff the other tiers included plus a hand batik dyed t-shirt, with knight logo and skypaint.  I will give you a shout out as a valued contributor at my live bubble shows.




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About Thought Bubble Chess Club

There are plenty of bubble artists and chess groups out there.  The club I am planning on starting is unique in that it is the first to combine the two as one.  The idea is to use toys as educational tools not only to teach kids math, science, or logic but to teach them empathy, kindness, and humility.  I have two daughters that I am homeschooling, and I simply cant make people charge for what I do.  I like to go to a county fair and treat some kids to free bubbles, working class parents are already getting nickeled and dimed to death and its really magical to be able to say this is free!  I have gotten reimbursed for some of the work I do, but its mostly just to break even.  I want to start a chess for children community group and am interested in blog writing, I see everything as art and have alot to write about, designer diets, local history, philosopy, bubble-art, board game hacks.  My philosopy is ass-backwards business.  My website is all about creating a platform that like minded individuals can express themselves.  For example, it's not about me broadcasting myself, its about me broadcasting them.  I have been operating at a loss, but I would like to keep this as a non-profit entity.  If I get more financing than what I need, I will reinvest the extra money into more development and compassion.  
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Write a book called, "Darwin's Butterfly".  It is a op-ed piece looking at how darwin's theorys affected us historically and currently.  It is applied chaos theory to sociological, political, theological trends and how they were affected by Darwin's faulty theories.  A good reference would be Ray Bradburys short story, "The Sound Of Thunder."
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