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I'm on Patreon for a few reasons. The first and foremost is to make a format in which I can be located and funded by those who like my writing. As someone who's always loved to RP (mostly non-erotic) and write for much of my life, I figured this would be a good way to not only share my abilities but to earn a bit on the side of potential commissions. Second, I would like to expand myself into doing my dream: being able to just "live" and work myself to the bone as an entertainer. My writing is always fun, but playing a game with friends that provides entertainment for others would be probably the most ideal way to spend my time.

Whether you came from the Fenoxo Community or from Royal Road, my writing brought you here. And for that, I am extremely happy. Though my Patreon is built and styled for my Fenoxo Community members more than Royal Road, I hope you will consider supporting me if you came from there.

Those who pledge and maintain their pledge through one month will gain access to their pledge rewards as well as a personal thank you from me. In the future, if I run games like D&D or run a game to stream, those who are in appropriate tiers (tiers with access to contests) will be informed of any upgrades their pledge grants.

That's about it. I want to keep it short. I write but I hope that in time this will allow me to expand my domain and continue writing interesting content both lewd and otherwise. So if you contribute to help me do this, thank you from the bottom of my heart =3=/

Oh and ff you are found out to be sharing your pledge rewards, however, then I will remove you and modify the document access. Understand that this is my ability to protect my work from those who might share a link and stop supporting me. I have to have the ability to ensure those who DO support me are properly rewarded and the gift isn't given away for free.
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I can cover my food bill well enough, along with begin properly dedicating more time to writing out stories and scenes. Expect artwork to appear every other piece or for me to start running contests and potentially giveaways.
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