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Hello There

And thank you for visiting. Each week, Buckshot Magazine publishes literary short-form fiction and poetry in every genre and style. Read our stories at buckshotmagazine.com

Why Patreon?

We need to pay our writers and maintain our website. We've been fortunate to start off with a small government grant, but these costs add up.

To keep things going - to continue publishing once a week, and giving a voice to the best short-form fiction out there - we need your support. We pay our writers 20 USD (25 CAD) for publishing rights to each story, a semi-professional rate which makes up 80% of yearly costs. The rest goes towards web-hosting and magazine graphic design.

In other words, the vast majority of every dollar goes straight to the front lines, to the writers out there creating original, beautiful, convention-breaking pieces. The bulk of our time is spent in the submission process publishing their stories for you.

Our small team of submission readers and editors work on a volunteer basis. Whether it's $1 or $20, a coffee or a nice dinner, your patronage helps us find, publish, and house quality quick fiction for everyone to read.

Why should I be a Patron?

With patronage, so much art exists that would never have existed before. This has been true throughout history -- Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Mozart all had their patrons -- and it is true today.

The modern crowdfunding movement is so, so powerful. When you pledge your dollar, you're declaring I SUPPORT THIS -- THIS IS IMPORTANT. Your vote of confidence and it keeps us crunching alongm, seeking out quality fiction to put out there for everyone.

So, thank you. Head on over to our site, read our stories or submit your own, and consider becoming a patron today.
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Our first ten patrons! As a special thank you, we'll post two stories on the first week of each month.
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