Molly Hahn is creating BUDDHA DOODLES

Changing the world one doodle at a time.

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Milestone Goals
Hire a production assistant!
$350 per month
My cartoon factory needs a production assistant to assist with fulfilling print and greeting card orders. This person will also help with admin and customer service tasks.
Hire a social media manager!
$750 per month
A lot of TLC goes into managing the Facebook, Tumblr, Huffington Post, and Twitter accounts for Buddha Doodles. With your support, I can hire a social media manager in order to help me focus on my creative strengths.
Hire an accountant.
$1,000 per month
I'm a freak when it comes to taxes and keeping books because I love numbers, but it seriously eats up a lot of my time. With your support, I can hire an accountain to help me focus on my creative strengths.


I'm Molly Hahn (aka Mollycules), creator of Buddha Doodles™,  whimsically illustrated affirmations! They are featured on the Huffington Post, Tiny, and are shared widely on social networks.

As a spunky artist with a knack for spirituality, this is my way of being of service to the world.


Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Only ONE cartoon A MONTH will be charged to my pledges.

Buddha Doodles mission is to inspire healing and joy.
Your patronage supports my creative practice and enables me to invest in the future of Buddha Doodles. As the comic has increased in popularity, so has the demand for products! You're patronage helps me:
  • continue to create products that have a direct positive impact on people's lives
  • pay an assistant to fulfill orders that come in through my online shop (prints, books, teeshirts, greeting cards)
  • cover business costs (internet, e-commerce fees, office space, web design, shipping supplies)

I've been giving away the comics for free since 2011- and will continue to do so!!!! 
May the comic continue to reflect the strength, wisdom, and light that is within YOU!

With Love & Gratitude,
Molly Hahn (mollycules) 

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