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The ProBator tier gives you a way to be even more generous. You'll get everything those in Participant tier get, but you'll be giving us increased funding to continue our work and dedicate more time to our writing. Maybe you'll even get some extra flash fiction written especially for you guys?



About BuddyBate

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Welcome to the BuddyBate adult fiction community. Loyal readers and newcomers alike can access exclusive bate-centric fiction every week, and help to support our writers in the process. We love creating worlds where men can explore together, with your help and involvement we can continue to deliver great experiences and spark your imagination.

Patrons can follow and enjoy without your patronage being visible on billing, you can also select a display name for comments and messaging.

We hope you'll join us and immerse yourself in our horny worlds, with ongoing adventures and the best flash fiction you'll ever find in the theme of bromance, heteroflexibility and male bonding.
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It's a lofty goal, but with your help we can get there.

Reaching this goal would allow me to:
  • Dedicate more time to writing great fiction
  • Create more original artwork for story covers
  • Publish a collection for print distribution
  • Create collectible postcards or prints
No doubt it'll take time and patience to get there, but with your help I have no doubt we'll do it. Join today if you haven't yet, or share the link to this Patreon page with your friends and followers in adult communities.

Thanks for being a part of this community and helping to reach our first goal, you're all awesome!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts

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