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About Bug the Bard


I'm Bug and I love bugs and aliens. I've combined these two concepts in the webcomic "Little Alien," a comic about a small extraterrestrial trying to fit into bug society.

I think the world of bugs is almost like a small secret alien world. Many of the things we find in our fiction that are meant to shock us is happening in the bug world right now (laying eggs in live prey, fungus taking over brains, and some less scary things too!). 

I'm passionate about the small things in life - namely, insects and other arthropods. I'd like to foster an appreciation for these amazing little creatures, and this comic seemed like a fun way to do that. I also am hoping to go to grad school to study them, so here's hoping the comic only gets more science-y!

What your money goes toward!

First and foremost it goes toward me making more comics. The less time I have to spend making money from other places, the more time I can draw. Also, my food and bills and saving up for grad school (thanks friends, you're like a scholarship). Additionally, this contributes directly to the comic by helping me pay for things like supplies and my Creative Cloud subscription.

There are also a lot more creative and educational projects I'd like to take on with more time and funding! I have some ideas for books and animated videos that I would love to have the ability to devote more to.

(A small bit of my income always goes to the WILD Foundation as well; not much, just like 10-20 dollars each month right now. Consider supporting them or other ecologically-focused charities if you'd like to help out bugs and other animals!)

Thanks so much for anything you can give, or if you can't, thanks so much for reading!

Here's a link to Little Alien on Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/little-alien/list?title_no=340331

Follow my Instagram if you like: https://www.instagram.com/bugthebard/

I'm also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bugthebard

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Postcards! If this goal is reached, I'll look into adding postcards to some of the reward tiers that will come to you from Little Alien. New postcard art every month.
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