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I walked around the Philharmonic again and again not daring to enter it. A completely new world, unknown to me. I was already over 50 years old. IT professional specialist. And suddenly "a composer of music for a symphonic orchestra." Musicians came out of the door, talking among themselves merrily. I finally made up my mind and entered this new world.

It was a calm and peaceful time in Ukraine. And besides, I myself acted as a “patron” for my music.
I collaborated with the Donetsk Prokofiev Academic Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Alexander Dolinsky, arrangers V.Akopov and Y.Plahonin. It was really a whole world of great talented people.

In Kharkov, I recorded the basis for my 1st music disc, Victoria, dedicated to my wife Victoria. 5 music tracks. You can listen to them at
Video on youtube

This is not a peaceful time in Ukraine. I became a refugee in my own country. Right now I compose my second music disc and any help would be welcome.

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