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For the price of...more gems in Clash of Clans, or the Napoleon Dynamite dance animation for your character in Fortnite, or some shit like that, not only do you help support Bullet Points towards its goal of [REDACTED], you get to sleep soundly at night safe in the knowledge you're going above and beyond to help the cause of independent game criticism. Sweet dreams!


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Love Bullet Points? Hate it? Think it's just kind of okay? Bored? Alone? AMOROUS?! Well, as a $5 patron you need never be lonely again as you now have access to two bonus podcasts: our Kingdom Hearts deep-dive series and our inside baseball, analytical takes on the game industry, featuring the latest rumors and...all that...you know...misery.


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"Everything you did, you did for Bullet Points. You sacrificed your life and your honor for our little website. You were a real hero. You were a true...patron."

Donate 10 buckareenos a month and alongside all the additional podcasts we do, you'll get a complementary copy of Okay, Hero, our book on Metal Gear Solid which releases on July 17th and will be emailed to you directly. It's the least you deserve. 




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Bullet Points Monthly features long-form articles and podcasts that look to place games in a wider cultural context, examining their relationship to our greater world much in the same manner as other forms of art and entertainment.

Our editorial staff consists of Reid McCarter (The A.V Club, GQ, Kill Screen) and Yussef Cole (Unwinnable, Waypoint, Paste). Previously, editors included Ed Smith, Astrid Rose, and Jess Joho. Bullet Points Monthly aims to look at videogames (particularly new, mainstream releases) through exploratory criticism, using a monthly format to carefully consider the most fascinating and important aspects of contemporary games.

And there's more! For the hardcore gamers out there, the real backbone of the art form, Reid and Ed take a regular look at the business and market forces behind the gaming industry. Featuring insider knowledge, hot tips and searing analysis, these episodes are available to all patrons who pledge $5 or more.

Concluded podcast series, like Astrid and Reid's Blood of Friendship πx Re: Podcast, a specialist, deep-dive series on every entry to the Kingdom Hearts games, are also available for patrons at this level.

Do you want more stuff? We'd like to do more stuff, but we need money to make that happen! Our funding goal only covers the bare minimum we require to keep the site from losing money so please kick in at any tier and spread links to the Patreon or your favourite articles and podcasts to help us grow.


Bullet Points is proud to be part of SUPERCULTURE, a network of podcasts and websites dedicated to the underexplored. Tweet us @superculturenet.
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