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About Bully Pulpit Games

The award-winning publishers of Fiasco, Star Crossed, Night Witches, and The Warren are working on even more more fun, original, and occasionally challenging games for tabletop and live action play.

Hi! We are Jason and Steve, the owners of Bully Pulpit Games. Our team makes all sorts of games for all sorts of people. Tabletop roleplaying? We got ya. Larping? Definitely. Weird edge cases? Our specialty! We let the games tell us what form they need to take and go from there. If there’s a common thread in our catalog, it would be “I didn’t see that coming.”

You can expect Jason to keep being Jason, which means making lots of games. In the past most of these have ended up in a drawer some place because we lacked the resources to go the last mile - that 5% needed to polish them and make them something real and good and real good.

What's more, for the past decade we’ve been publishing mostly just Jason’s games, but that is changing. Part of why we’re so excited about this platform is that we can use it to highlight friends of ours and collaborate with them in a community of enthusiastic supporters. We have so many ideas for making trouble and trying new things with fun people.

For the last year or so, we've been releasing games with Drip, a different crowdfunding platform, thanks to the tremendous support of our backers there. Now we're moving to Patreon and our hope is that we can continue to sustainably publish these glorious little oddballs games here with your support!

So please join us! We typically release something we charge you for about once a month, but never more than that. Our primary goal is to make this a vibrant community that’s as fun and interesting for us as it is for you. Of course you’ll get stuff first - our subscribers, we hope, will help us decide not only what to make, but help us make it with conversations around design and play. You’ll see what we’re working on (hint: A lot), from dumb experiments to almost-there designs. You’ll be part of a conversation we are really, really going to enjoy.

Thanks again!
Jason, Steve, and the Bully Pulpit Crew

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