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About Round Review

I've been prioritizing quick reviews of the first episodes of new anime. I make them in both my channel in English,, and my channel in Portuguese, If you enjoy my work, please consider contributing so I can continue it.

Eu tenho priorizado resenhas rápidas dos primeiros episódios de animes novos. Eu as faço tanto no meu canal em inglês, quanto no meu canal em português Se você gosta do meu trabalho, por favor considere contribuir para que eu possa continuar.
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Having a steady amount of money coming in, I can use some of it to purchase material you want me to review.

That doesn't influence how long or how positive the review is going to be, but I can buy one or more movies, games, comic books/manga, anime/cartoon products you'd like me to review and do a review on it.

Can't say there'll be a sure order, as availability and prices vary, but I can certainly keep a list and try to keep it.
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